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Houghton Hotel  of 176 bedrooms and 58 suites, each with its own bathroom, to entertain with its state of the art reception, library and Dining Rooms. All modern apartments. 20 minutes from the Central Business District, international airport and the Gold Coast's main attractions. Our hotels are designed for maximum comfort and luxury, with an emphasis on attentive service. Read more Dining Room Review We visited today at 7:30pm on a weekday evening and the restaurant was not open, so the concierge opened the front door and led us down to the restaurant to explain that the restaurant was not open as it was a family weekend and they were enjoying their time at home. They were able to provide a menu for us which was not to our liking as they had plenty of empty tables and there were other restaurants in the neighbourhood that we could have eaten at and they did not offer a dinner menu either. Aus Room Review We visited at 5:30pm. When we arrived, the young man at the desk could not find our reservation, but said he would tell his boss. We waited for about 5 minutes and was told that we had been cancelled. He was not apologetic and was all business. I am not sure if the good people of NSW saw a need to assist him when he had done his job well and his boss confirmed our booking. WiFi There was no internet on the room. We called the reception and was told we did not have internet access. We told them we were on the 3rd floor and they told us they would do their best. They have done nothing. We had some issues with our room and had to leave for our other Hotel in NSW, and the hotel contacted the restaurant to ask them to switch us to a room on a higher floor. The staff at the restaurant had to relocate the table and chairs for us from the restaurant itself to the adjacent room. We were then able to enjoy our food. The room was really spacious and comfortable. WiFi was good The restaurant is open at weekends. It is reasonably priced, well located and the staff are helpful. The food is basic, but it's perfect for a light dinner or breakfast. The service is prompt, friendly and efficient. It's



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